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Little River Inn
little river ca

Little River is only a few minutes south of Mendocino Village, with all the charm and none of the crowds. Come explore the quieter side of Mendocino.
Little River is best known for its warm hospitality, wide-open spaces and majestic natural beauty. The old-fashioned, small town atmosphere of this picturesque seaside respite may be the perfect relief you seek from the stresses of the hectic pace of our modern world.

If your sport is golf or tennis, then Little River is for you! The Little River Inn features a 9 hole challenging regulation par 5 golf course, a tennis facility and day spa. If you're not hooked on golf yet, this is a great course to start on and the ocean views are stunning from the final hole! Click for other suggestions of What to Do in Little River.

Dennens Victorian Farmhouse
VAN DAMME State Park consists of 1,831 acres of beach and redwood forests. The beach is popular with divers and kayakers, while ten miles of trails along the fern-carpeted canyon of Little River is perfect for strolling and bicycling. The start of the trail is a paved road and wheelchair and baby stroller accessible.

Enjoy an easy stroll through Fern Canyon, flourishing with lush ferns, flowing streams and towering redwoods in VAN DAMME State Park. It's easy to go back in time and relax in these beautiful surroundings. Get away from it all, while enjoying one of the most beautiful parts of the world just moments away from your room at the inn.

Cottages at Little River Cove
During the 1860s a Flemish couple, the Van Dammes, settled in Little River. The husband worked at the mill, and with his wife raised a family. One of their sons, Charles, later moved down to the San Francisco Bay Area to work as an operator on the San Rafael/Richmond Ferry. Charles worked and saved and frequently found himself fondly reminiscing about his favorite picnic spot on the beach. Eventually he returned to purchase 40 acres of his childhood's playground at the beach. Upon his death, he deeded the land to the State for public use, and this generous deed became the foundation for Van Damme State Park.

Mendocino Inn & Spa
Another unusual and interesting State Park awaits you, just turn East on Little River - Airport Road and follow the signs to the Pygmy Forest. The nutrient-poor, highly acidic clay hardpan soil is relatively inhospitable. As a result, the trees are dwarfed, some mature trees are barely waist-high even though they are hundreds of years old just like the towering redwoods in the middle of the park.

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